Campaigners have accused Redbridge Council of “misleading the public” over a pending planning application.

Proposals for temporary accommodation in Brocket Way and Woodman Path in Hainault are currently open for public consultation, but people are worried the council is curtailing debate on the issue.

Proposals for the sites include building 90 modular units of temporary accommodation, which those living nearby fear will eat into green space and add pressure to schools and GP surgeries.

Last week, the authority handed out leaflets to those living near the proposed sites, giving further details of the 90 housing units planned for the green spaces.

The leaflet details plans for “family homes” but only lists one and two bedroom properties, which critics claim are not suitable for families who would need at least three or four bedrooms.

The ommission of larger homes has led some to accuse the council of rushing through the plans, not properly consulting the public and treating the application as a “foregone conclusion,” despite the proposals not having been submitted to the authority’s planning committee yet.

Mr Poole, of Hainault, said: “The leaflet is clearly political in nature, yet has been funded by local council tax payers, with the theme of blaming central government for a local housing problem.

“The really worrying point in the leaflet, is it appears that both developments are a foregone conclusion, with any planning committee expected to just rubber stamp the council’s proposals when they are submitted in April 2019.”

He commented on the “accelerated timescale” of the plans.

The council’s leaflet states work is expected to start on both sites in April 2019 and be completed by December 2019.

He added: “I have never seen a planning application pushed through with such speed and disregard to local residents concerns.

“Hainault residents in reality will have no access to this accommodation, but will have to endure the consequences of having such unsuitable accommodation foisted upon us against our will.

“Such accommodation is not suitable next to children’s play areas, local GP lists may be open, but both the practices are struggling to cope with current demand.”

A campaign was launched in December 2018 to fight the plans, with the campaign’s leader Sam Chapman describing the plans as “unsightly” and “not in keeping with the area at all”.

He and other people living nearby have raised concerns that the plans would lead to a loss of hugely important green space in the borough.

The consultation on the plans is ongoing.

For more information and to have your say on the proposals, Redbridge Council has planned three further drop-in meetings on January 17, January 19 and January 22 2019.

A council spokesperson said: “Central government policy has created a housing crisis which means too many Redbridge residents are at risk of ending up on the street. We want to keep those people in the borough – close to the services they rely upon and close to their friends and families – and the only way to do that is to build more affordable property.

"We understand the concerns of communities in Hainault and we want to work with residents over the coming months to ensure that we put the right support in place for everyone who may be affected by the new developments, should they go ahead after public consultation and a detailed planning process.

"The leaflet sets out what we are trying to achieve, fulfilling our duty to keep residents adequately informed.  It answers many of the questions people have raised about our proposals, as well encouraging the neighbourhood to attend the drop-in sessions we have organised for them to find out more information. 

"Detailed plans and information have also been published on our website.”

Three more drop-in sessions are due to be held about the plans, the venues of two these have been changed.

They will be held on Thursday January 17 (9am to 12 noon) and Tuesday January 22 (2pm to 7pm) at Hainault Forest Community Association, 100b Manford Way, IG7 4DF (building next to the library).

The other drop-in session will be on Saturday January 19 (10am to 2pm) at St Paul’s Community Hall, Arrowsmith Road, Hainault IG7 4NZ.