A woman goes out to a field close to her home and calls for her adopted dog now missing for more than a year. 

Bob the beagle went missing in Ivy Chimneys, Epping on June 30, 2017 at around 9.30pm after a late night walk.

Laura Waters, a full-time carer who adopted Bob from the RSPCA, still hopes that he will return home, describing the incident as “a complete mystery.”

She said: “It would mean so much to us as we miss him a lot. Each day I still go over the field and call him.”

Ms Waters said she and her sister noticed something wasn’t right when the beagle was not waiting by the garden gate.

“We walked over the motorway bridge, let him off and he ran down to the hill," she said. 

"Bob would normally wait there, but when we got to the bottom he just vanished, gone.

“It was completely out of character. We searched all night and days after.”

The sisters set up a Facebook campaign and a Missing Dogs UK account which has been shared across social media to find the then six-year-old pooch.

Despite their hard efforts, no sightings have been reported.

“We are posted up in the area and no one seems to know, it’s really weird,” explained Ms Waters.

“Everyone is very aware of it. We even had a lady come down from Dog Lost to try and help figure out where he has gone.”

The only lead linked to the incident was a man and woman spotted between 10.30 and10.45pm the night Bob disappeared.

“They were standing by one of the entrances to the field," she added. 

"My sister shined a light on them and they didn’t say anything or reply at all when asked if they had seen a missing dog.”

Because of the darkness no description of the couple could be given.

It is hoped Bob will one day be reunited with Ms Waters’ other beagle, Bella, who was adopted from Chingford Mount RSPCA shortly after his disappearance.

Bella had been intended to be Bob’s new playmate just weeks before his disappearance.

“Bob began suffering from separation anxiety shortly after I started doing voluntary work. He started getting miserable and crying when I wasn’t around," she added.

“I decided to adopt Bella because I felt so bad even though Bob was gone. But obviously if we get him back he will have a little friend when he comes home.”

If you have any information about Bob, please visit Missing Dogs UK or call Laura on 01992 561305.