I write regarding the loss of Jodie Morley's mobility vehicle and the reduction of her disability allowance (Woman left without car as disability allowance slashed, Epping Forest Guardian, January 10).

How much lower can this government stoop? Companies such as Atos and capita are set to rake in approximately £700 million pounds of taxpayers money to "assess" the disabled, thousands of whom have long term conditions.

Tax paying pensioners aged 70 are being targeted to save money. In the past week I have learned of five disabled people who have had their mobility vehicles removed and the mobility component removed from their allowance.

The problem lies with the "assessors" employed by these companies to "assess" at a face to face interview. These people are not medically qualified to make a judgement, especially where complex conditions are concerned. There is mounting evidence that these "assessors" are relaying inaccurate information and untruths back to the DWP.

A 'decision maker' (no medical qualifications - a DWP employee informed me of this) then decides on the evidence given by the 'assessor' as to whether the claimants (who have to "score points" in order to "win back" their allowance) are eligible for payment!

This is a cruel, scandalous, not fit-for-purpose system that requires scrapping.

These so called 'assessors' can be ambulance workers, occupational therapists, midwives and physiotherapists.

Could an ambulance worker 'assess' a claimant with an ongoing mental or neurological condition? I think not.

This system has been allowed to continue for too long. A lot of people are making a lot of money from this, at the expense of the disabled. Keep fighting Jodie, I wish you luck.

Patricia Hendy,

By email