The district's MP still has hope an amended version of Theresa May's deal could be passed following yesterday's historic defeat.

On a day of extraordinary drama at Westminster, the House of Commons delivered a devastating verdict on the prime minister’s deal, voting against it down by 432 to 202.

The scale of defeat, by a majority of 230 and backed by many of Theresa May's own party, was greater than any seen in the past century.

Rather than this signalling the end of not only the government but the deal, Epping Forest MP Dame Eleanor Laing is confident a deal can be passed by the Commons.

She said: "There is still time for a deal to be put in place. It requires amendment. There is still a chance that parliament will come to a conclusion that will allow the deal to be made.

"I have listened to every possible shade of opinion from people in Epping Forest on what would be best outcome in the Brexit discussions. "Everyone thinks they are right but in a democracy we have to respect other people's views."

While Dame Eleanor's votes are not recorded due to her position as deputy speaker, she admitted she would not have voted the same way as her partner MP Rosie Winterton, who followed the Labour whip of voting down the deal.

When asked what course of action she would back if an amended deal was rejected, Dame Eleanor opted for no-deal over a people's vote.

She said: "In Epping Forest in June 2016 62 per cent of people voted to leave the EU.

"My primary concern is that nothing and no body in parliament stops that from happening.

"I think it is essential that we leave. In the end a second referendum is anti-democratic."

While some way short of Michael Gove's infamous suggestion that people were tired of experts, Dame Eleanor batted away suggestions no-deal could spell economic catastrophe for Britain.

She said: "People that want to persuade you of something alway exaggerate the statistics. I think it would be better if we had a deal."