Musicians continued to amaze at the London Borough of Culture launch this weekend.

Waltham Forest visitors and volunteers were treated to an audio-visual showcase called Orchestra of Samples featuring more than 200 musicians from 30 countries.

It is an international project that has taken eight years to create, bringing together musicians from across the world.

The music from dozens of artists was recorded and then cut up to create new music.

The show held at St John's Music Hall in Leytonstone on Friday in collaboration with Lake of Stars hosted the Addictive TV showcase to mark the beginning of Waltham Forest's year as the first London Borough of Culture.

Fellow Waltham Forest artists Layil Barr on bass viol, percussionist Khaled Hakim on Persian daf and rapper Lemzi also played the event on Friday.

Addictive TV's Graham Daniels said: “Orchestra of Samples is an exploration into serendipity and musical probability, it’s about bringing people together who wouldn’t normally perform together, and more to the point their instruments, which wouldn’t normally be heard together.

"Working outside of normal musical conventions has really opened our eyes and helped discover incredibly unexpected combinations of instruments.”