The Mayor of London has come under fire for “obsessing over Brexit” after revelations the New Year’s Eve fireworks display celebrating EU nationals cost over £2 million.

These comments came earlier today from Conservative London Assembly Member Susan Hall during Mayor’s Question Time.

After questioning by Ms Hall, it was revealed that the New Year’s Eve firework display, which projected an EU flag on the London Eye, cost £2.3 million.

Ms Hall said: “On an evening that you should have brought people together you caused more controversy.

“It seems you are totally obsessed, and you absolutely realised it caused controversy. I am surprised you did not realise this was divisive.”

Mr Khan was adamant he was “bringing Londoners together”, adding: “I am surprised an assembly member is against showing we are open and does not want to show EU citizens they are welcome.”

But Ms Hall hit back: “You are completely obsessed with Brexit and it means you are taking your eye off the ball. Crime is up there and there is still a hole in TfL’s budget.

“When are you going to stop obsessing over Brexit and focus on what you are responsible for?”

UKIP Assembly Member David Kurten also clashed with Mr Khan over Brexit after Transport for London (TfL) had put advertisements on some TfL networks for a ‘People’s Vote’.

Mr Kurten said: “Is it not wrong for them to blatantly advertise a very sensitive issue?”

But Mr Khan argued TfL is not allowed to advertise anything in favour of a particular political party, which he said the advert does not do.

Mr Khan added: “I would also remind you that more people voted to remain than to leave in London.”

The UKIP politician continued to say the advert had caused “widespread offence”, adding: “Those adverts are a gross offence to the people who voted to leave the EU and to democracy itself.”

Mr Khan continued to defend his position on Brexit, saying: “Who is going to build the homes we need if we don’t have construction workers and workers in hospitality, culture and theatres?”