Aldersbrook is plagued with vehicle thefts claims one mum.

Charlotte Beasley left her sick daughter’s bedside during the early hours to get a packet of nappies from her car.

But, she was alarmed to find her car’s drivers door and glove box open.

Her car had been ransacked - the thief had taken the packet of nappies she wanted for her sick daughter.

Ms Beasley said: “I noticed there were items on the seats, the lights were on and the boot was not shut properly.

“I then realised they had stolen the nappies.

“I sat wondering why someone would be so low as to steal nappies from a baby.”

She took to a community Facebook group to share the incident and warn others.

She was warmed by the kindness of those on the community group and a particular neighbour that bought her nappies to replace the stolen packet.

Ms Beasley said: “I turned to my local communities Facebook group to share the news that yet another break in had occurred, as its become a nightly occurrence on our streets in Aldersbrook.

“Shortly afterwards I receive a notification that a neighbour had bought a pack of nappies whilst in Tesco’s for me and that they were on the doorstep- to my surprise with a Lindt chocolate bar too.

“I was blown away with the kind messages from locals offering to help in any way they could.

“It just goes to show the power of a community.

“Although there will always be deranged, nasty and selfish people, the good hearts and kindness of others will always outweigh the evil.”

However, her post also showed many others in Aldersbrook had suffered similar thefts.

The Little Ilford safer neighbourhood team reported 200 cases of theft from a motor vehicle between December 2017 and 2018, with the highest amount of 31 cases last March.

Thefts from vehicles are the second highest reported crimes for the area.

Miss Beasley said that despite these increases in crimes, nothing seems to have been done to prevent the thefts.

She said: “Something needs to be done about the amount of car robberies on our estates.

"The police take reports but there is nothing they can or will do.

"It has been suggested that we collate information of all of the robberies and take then to our local MP’s.

"I don’t quite know what the point is as I don’t know what the solution is. CCTV and police patrols won’t solve this. It seems we just have to wait until it’s us who is affected and keep paying our council tax.

“Almost every night another vehicle is targeted, multiple vehicles a night being broken into.

“Our once lovely, safe and quiet neighbourhood is being plagued by theft and crime.”

Little Ilford safer neighbourhood team declined to comment.