Another Grenfell disaster could be on the cards claims one resident.

Keith Foster of Farnan Avenue in Walthamstow has expressed concern about a collection of gas cylinders stacked on the tennis courts at Lloyd Park in Walthamstow within 50 metres of residences.

He reports that following the Grenfell disaster better consideration needs to be taken to ensure an explosion does not lead to lost lives.

Mr Foster said: "There is a massive collection of gas cylinders stacked in open view on a tennis court which is within 50 metres of residential properties.

"The site does not have any allocated security, but the park is open 24 hours a day.

"The council's own health & safety enforcement would soon 'jump' on anybody flouting that. It is not beyond possibility the open topped tennis court could have received a lighted object thrown over onto the cylinders - then what."

He further claims the community should have been consulted on the storage area but was not.

Mr Foster added: "Would objections have meant niggling delays which would have delayed their festival? I think we need to know who took the corporate decisions before another event is organised.

"After all, it is only a short time since the Grenfell disaster where already the finger is being pointed at failings to adhere (allegedly) to strict safety guidelines."

Mr Foster added that the food stalls located in the area around Forest Road and Winns Terrace cause medical problems for residents.

He said: "Many people in the community suffer from asthma and other breathing problems which is not helped by the abundant fumes created by the fast food stalls.

"This kind of activity also flies in the face of efforts to clean up our air."

However, Waltham Forest council said that the propane adheres to health and safety guidelines.

A council spokesperson said: “All gas bottles on site were secured under the standard guidance from Calor Gas and British Compressed Gases Association, following consultation with London Fire Brigade.

“In total, there was 1,300kg of gas across both sites over the course of the weekend. There was never more than 1,000kg of gas stored in the tennis court at any time.

“Guidance from Calor Gas recommends that storage of up to 1000kg of gas requires a minimum of 3 metres’ separation from a boundary, non-fire resistant wall or building. At the tennis court in Lloyd Park there is a minimum separation of 5 metres, which would have allowed us to store up to 3000kg of propane on-site."

However, adherence to statutory health and safety regulations still concerns Mr Foster.

He said: "Frankly, in relation to whatever safety regulations are currently employed, you only have to refer to incidents like "Grenfell" to be aware there are possibilities those in charge of public safety do not always carry out a thorough job.

"Grenfell proved that fire-doors were inadequate, the London Fire Brigade hoses and ladders could not reach the top floors.

"Other factors and council responsibilities are also under the spotlight in allegations - after the disaster took place

"We, the public, are expected to believe council cctv is under constant monitoring for our safety and security. yet they will not prove that is the case.

"I consider that safety for future events needs to be beefed-up and proper consultations take place with the community.

"There are proper procedures to undertake, and I rate storage of so many cylinders in the public view, where a lighted object could have been thrown over the top by a reckless idiot, demonstrates this had the potential for a disaster."