A couple have defied the odds and shed a massive 8 stone in a year.

Sue Jones and husband Stuart from Highams Park, joined Slimming World last January after doctors told Sue she would need to increase her diabetes medication.

She said she knew she was one step closer to needing Type 2 diabetes so after seeing recent photographs of themselves and realising they were not happy with how they looked, she and husband Stuart decided to act.

Sue was a size 24 weighing 16st 11lbs last year but is now a size 16.

Her diabetes is now in remission and she no longer needs much of the medication she was on before she lost the weight.

She said: “I can shop for clothes without having to struggle to find something I like in my size. I was a si, ze 24 generally, and now I have some size 16 and I’m just getting into some size 14 clothes.

“I never thought I’d be able to lose weight after trying so many other ways before.

“I now have more energy and I’m getting used to compliments. It has definitely changed the way we eat and obviously it is much healthier but we still enjoy our food, nothing is off limits with Slimming World.

“It’s all thanks to Slimming World and the healthy choices we make together, Stuart’s support really helps as we’re both doing this together.”

Stuart originally weighed 18st 5lbs and has lost 4st 5lbs.

Stuart added “Health wise I’m walking a lot more and don’t get out of breath so much. Overall, I feel a lot more positive about my image and confident about my appearance.

“And I’m loving my time with my granddaughter – all that running around after her which I wouldn’t have been able to do before I lost the weight, making great memories together.”

“We still get to enjoy all our favourite foods. Nothing is off limits.

“In fact, it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle as we are not depriving ourselves of anything”

Stuart said about his local group and consultant, “Our group has been a great support to me and Sue, it’s totally down to our consultant.

“They’re a great motivator for me, personally and for the group as a whole which has a knock-on effect. We walk out every week with ideas to help us through the week and feel motivated to achieve our goal.”

For more information and to find your local Slimming World group go to www.slimmingworld.co.uk.