A BAFTA-award winning writer encouraged children to take up creative writing by working together on their very own novel.

Adam Goodwin first held ‘Build-a-Book’ in late 2018, inviting kids aged 6 to 11 to write a novel at Wingrove Hall in Higham’s Park.

Goodwin was inspired to set up the classes by his wife, Amanda, who runs drama school Act2, after personally struggling at school.

He said: “I always loved writing but never thought I could be a writer,

“I could not read or write until I was seven or eight and use to sit at the back of the class, but I was always coming up with ideas.”

For ten weeks Mr Goodwin held weekly meetings with the children to invent the story’s, plot, characters and illustrations.

By setting up the course, the author aimed to get young writers who lack confidence in their literature skills to flourish in their imagination and ability.

“So many kids let bad spelling and grammar get in the way of writing imaginative and original stories that they’d rather not bother,” explained Goodwin.

“So I do the typing for them. They come up with the ideas and I get them down on paper.”

The launch of Onion, Nuggett and the Mini-man Incident was held by Mr Goodwin and the children on January 8.

Due to the course’s popularity, a second Build-a-Book has just begun, with several youngsters returning for a second chapter.

Mr Goodwin added: “I want them to feel proud of themselves, there’s so little emphasis on the arts these days.

“I wanted to teach kids how to write something whilst also having fun at the same time.”

The professional writer said he hopes ‘Build-a-Book’ will lead to holding other creative literature classes from comic books and screenwriting.

Alongside running the courses, Goodwin is currently writing the sixth series for CBBC television sitcom So Awkward.

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring authors, Goodwin said: “Just do it, if you want to be a writer you have got to do it everyday, if you have got an idea write it down,

“Anyone can write, which has become my slogan. Nothing should stop them.”

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