The leader of a drama agency has warned aspiring actors of falling for common casting scams.

Amanda Goodwin, who runs Act2 Management in Wingrove Hall, Highams Park is hosting free auditions and workshops she hopes will help people avoid fake agencies charging substantial fees.

“It’s about the kids’ talent and not about a con agency that’s going to promise them the world,” explained Mrs Goodwin.

“There’s so many scamming agencies that keep catching out people. They are constantly on social media, all the time.”

To prove this, the drama agent sent a picture of herself to a scam website aimed at five to sixteen-year-olds - a form of reverse cat-fishing.

A stock email was sent back inviting her an acting session.

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The drama agent even managed to prevent a child who is now signed up to Act 2 Management from being conned by a pretend modelling agency.

When asked what things to look out for Mrs Goodwin said: “Don’t ever part with any money, even if its £10 to join their website.

“It’s simple things you know like how to pose for photos. No hands on the chin or cutesy pictures.

“You just need to be a blank canvas so casting directors can look at your photograph and cast you in a 1960’s show or a modern show.

“Even if they don’t sign up with me, they can take away the advice that if they are thinking of joining an agency these are the pitfalls to look out for.”

Since opening in 2009, Act 2 Management has seen several children star in stage shows including Matilda the musical.

One child is due to appear in an upcoming Vauxhall advert while another girl stars in a successful film currently airing at festivals.

Ms Goodwin also said she plans to do a charity project with her students to Italy where they will offer drama shops for children.

Last year the agency completed their first successful three-week charity project in Sri Lanka after spending 18 months fundraising.

Auditions for Act 2 Management will be held on Saturday, March 2.

To register, visit