Angry residents say enough is enough after almost a year of not receiving the right post.

Residents of Woolhampton Way, Daylock Drive and Glebelands in Chigwell have experienced great confusion concerning their post for almost a year.

The residents in the area are forced to deliver the misdirected mail themselves which is proving to be costly and time-consuming.

One resident who wishes to remain anonymous said: "On average, I receive around two pieces of mail per week that are for other houses in the area.

"I understand that the area can be a bit difficult to navigate but this has been ongoing for six months now and it has reached the point where enough is enough."

He claims that he missed a doctor's appointment because of mail that was misdirected.

He said: "The problems with the post deliveries are proving to be costly in terms of traffic charges increasing and delays in my daughter's healthcare.

"The Royal Free Hospital got really upset with us because of a missed appointment which was solely because of the post confusion in the area.

"I also missed a chance to appeal a parking ticket because the letter never arrived which is an expensive cost to bear.

"My bank statements have also gone missing and I had to call up four mortgage companies to prepare my end of year statements which has consumed a lot of my time and affected my business."

He reported that it is not just the inconvenience and cost that concerns him about the issue.

He said: "Identity theft is a huge concern for me. I have previously experienced fraud on my bank accounts and recently regarding a credit card.

"Moreover, a while ago I did not receive a bank card and had to get it reissued. There is major potential for fraud in these situations."

Whilst returning misdirected mail, this resident has spoken to others in the area and they have shared their frustrations over the postal confusion.

Residents are now calling for the postal service to address the problems in the area.

The resident wishing to remain anonymous added: "Royal Mail must ensure we get mail due to our home.

"There should be a system in place that prevent other people's mail coming into our home.

"Staff should be trained so they understand the opening and closing of each close in our area. So that mail is not delivered incorrectly."

Royal Mail claim that they instituted daily checks for this area and that remedied the issue, but residents in the area reported that the issue has been persistent for at least six months.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "When we were originally made aware of this issue, we put in place a number of steps to ensure the recipient was receiving only the correct items of mail for their address. This included daily checks by the Delivery Office Manager. No further complaints were received after this process was completed.

"We are concerned to hear reports that this issue may have arisen again and would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. We have contacted the local team to request that daily checks are reinstated to ensure the situation is resolved quickly.

"Any customers with concerns about their mail should contact our Customer Services team via, on Twitter @RoyalMailHelp or by calling 03457 740 740."