keen home cook is set to take the culinary world by storm when she launches a range of tried-and-tested Caribbean foods with her son - at the tender age of 95.

Carlton Brown has teamed up with his nonagenarian mum Olive to bring his family's secret recipes for Jamaican food and punch to market.

Mama Brown's includes six different flavours of rum cake and jerk seasonings - as well as Olive's favourite rum punch.

Carlton said his granddad opened one of the first grocery shops in Mount Diablo, Jamaica, and that 'food and business are both in his blood.'

Carlton, from Chingford, added: "Growing up, my mother was always cooking or baking and if someone was getting married, she would always want to get involved and cook things like Jamaican patties.

"Jerk chicken with rice and peas was a Sunday favourite and mum was always going to the local markets to source the freshest spices and seasonings.

"She was an entrepreneur herself and had a micro catering business and my grandfather was an early retailer in Jamaica.

"He had one of the first grocery shops in Mount Diablo, near Linstead, so food and business are both in my blood.

"For most Jamaicans, family, friends and food are incredibly important and everyone likes to bake and growing up, we always had people round and there was excessive food and drink."

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Carlton spent two years researching and developing his brand with his mum, which they launched at an event in London last week.

Jamaican High commissioner to the UK, His Excellency Seth George Ramocan, attended the launch which he praised as 'the start of a great new venture that has the potential to develop into one of the finest companies that we can be very proud of.' He said: "We welcome this development as one of the primary things we focus on is encouraging investment in Jamaica.

"This is a perfect example with Dr Brown going back to rediscover his traditions and the culture shared by family members who lived in Jamaica.

"Dr Brown has developed a range of finely packaged products that are fit for the international market.

"It's a great example of what's possible and Jamaica welcomes this foreign investment, particularly from a valuable member of our Diaspora here in the UK."

East London and West Essex Guardian Series:

The business owner is in discussion with UK distributors about stocking the brand, which is available on Amazon.