Tensions are rising over a controlled parking zone as a residents' protest group claims the restrictions are being implemented "undemocratically".

A group has been posting notices to residents in the area asking them to object to the implementation of controlled parking zones in Hale End, Walthamstow due to come into effect in March.

Originally the entire Hale End area did have a majority opposed to the scheme, but new proposals targeting smaller areas were then proposed by Waltham Forest Council.

The council have said the smaller areas received positive outcomes in favour of the controlled parking zones.

However, the residents claim this action has violated the democratic decision that was made by the wider Hale End area and is now asking residents to send individual letters to the council to object to the scheme.

One member of the group Rodney Durrant said: "From our experience giving out leaflets in the area the majority of residents did not want controlled parking zones, and after saying it’s a majority vote they are creating a sub-area including forcing roads in that voted no. Only three roads out of 22 actually voted yes.

"The controlled parking areas will not resolve parking issues as they reduce actual spaces and prevent people with dropped kerbs parking across their own drives. 

"They could actually cost residents more than £300 a year and they have already been rises in Waltham Forest in some cases doubling. 

"Paying to park and for visitors with no thought for those on low incomes or the elderly."

The Hale End area consultation period ended in December.

The streets that were consulted on included Beacontree Avenue, Belle Vue Road, Carnanton Road, Castleton Road, Cobham Road, Guildford Road, Grantock Road, Hillcrest Road, Hale End Road, Heatchcroft Gardens, Longacre Road, Lamorna Close, Macdonald Road, Ulverston Road, Pentire Road, Railway Terrace, Thorpe Hall Road, Trovose Road and Woodstock Road.

Mr Durrant said that the campaigning residents are hoping to force the council to listen to residents' concerns. 

He said: "We the majority believe that in a democratic process the outcome should be honoured if the majority voted yes we would abide by the decision but 61.3 per cent no should mean no as promised and minuted at the Hale End ward meeting official minutes.

"We hope that the council accept the democratic decision and take the controlled parking zones plans elsewhere."

The residents gathered on Saturday to raise awareness of their campaign.

They also met with the Member of Parliament for Chingford and Woodford Green, Iain Duncan-Smith, about their concerns.

Mr Durrant said: "We have plans to meet with a solicitor in the area affected to discuss the failing of the council and one of our group met with Iain Duncan-Smith last week and he raised our concerns with him. 

"We met this weekend as a show of strength of the feeling from many residents in the area against the controlled parking zones and our upset at the failure to comply with the democratic process."

The council however maintain that the parking zones are in accordance with the majority of respondents during the consultation period.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: "Following requests from residents we consulted on the proposed Hale End controlled parking zone between November 12 to December 3, 2018, and the residents of Beacontree Avenue, Ulverston Road, and Woodstock Road came out strongly in favour of its introduction, as did the residents of Hale End Road in the section that we are taking forward, whilst Forest Road was tied.

"As the residents of the larger proposed Hale End controlled parking zones were not in favour, by a margin of 61 to 39 per cent, we have drawn up a smaller controlled parking zones to include a partial stretch of Beacontree Avenue and Hale End Road - between Forest and Belle Vue Roads - Forest Road  - between Hale End and Beacontree Roads – and Ulverston and Woodstock Roads. 

"The consultation literature clearly explained that we would consider introducing parking controls in smaller zones within the Hale End area where over 51 per cent of respondents were in favour, in line with our policy as agreed by Cabinet - a policy that we have followed for many, many years. This smaller sub-area will also include Castleton Road and Hillcrest Roads who narrowly voted against a scheme, but who sit right in the middle of the proposed zone. In calculating the support for this zone 59 per cent of respondents overall were in favour of introducing a controlled parking zone.

"Introducing controlled parking zones mean that local residents have parking priority over visitors who may be shopping, commuting, or visiting local amenities. Additional benefits include making these residential streets much safer for vulnerable road users such as those choosing to walk, cycle and scoot, improving localised air quality - as non-localised vehicle numbers and movements decline - and improving access for emergency and refuse vehicles.

"This new controlled parking zone will come into effect in March, in line with the wishes of the residents of this area. It may also include Belle Vue Road where residents are currently being re- consulted."