A volunteer has won an award from a national children's charity.

Mary Logan from Walthamstow has been recognised for her hard work and dedication after winning a National Volunteering Award by The Children's Society.

Ms Logan, a retired GP, has been a volunteer with a young refugee and asylum seekers support service called By Your Side in London since 2017.

She said: "I sometimes used to meet these amazing people in my professional capacity, many of whom had been through unimaginable trauma and stress. When I found an opportunity to volunteer and do more I knew I had to sign up. I feel honoured to have been recognised for my work, but helping like I do is such a privilege and I love it."

She is one of only two befrienders working with two young people for the charity.

Young people practitioner at The Children's Society Sophie Agrotis nominated Ms Logan for the award.

She said: "Mary is so deserving of this award, she is creative and compassionate. One of her young people needs support because of their mental health and the other speaks very little English.

"Mary has found engaging and appropriate ways to respond to questions, concerns and challenges. She incorporates English practise into her sessions and there has since been a notable improvement in the young person’s grasp of the language.

"She has also shown dedication, one of her young people was moved across London, so she now makes the four hour round trip once a fortnight to see them. She is inspirational."

Ms Logan is one of 636 volunteers involved with frontline services.

As part of her work with By Your Side she visits young migrants and refugees in their local areas to assist them in developing life skills and connections to their community.

She said: ""One time a young refugee was cradling my iPhone in his hands, it was close to his face and he was singing along with Celine Dion song. He was singing his mother’s favourite song- just as she used to - it was so, so moving to see that look of utter joy on his face."

The charity's volunteering awards launched in 2015 in a bid to recognise individuals who have volunteered their time to help young people across the UK.

The charity's director of volunteering Finn Grant said: "We provide a wide range of support services to vulnerable children and young people including those with mental health issues, at risk of sexual and criminal exploitation, young unaccompanied refugees and those living in poverty.

"Volunteers like Mary bring such enthusiasm, their skills and passion play a vital role in helping our services reach hundreds of young people living difficult lives every day, for that and everything they do we would like to say a huge thank you."

The children's charity has engaged with 9,716 volunteers in total who have together contributed almost 600,000 hours of time worth more than £8.4 million.

To find out more about volunteering with The Children's Society, visit www.childrenssociety.org.uk/volunteer.