Those struggling to heat their homes this winter will be able to get help from the council.

Waltham Forest Council is working with the HEET project, which has been granted £50,000 to tackle fuel poverty as temperatures remain low.

The funding, from the affordable warmth solutions’ warm homes fund, aims to support 200 households living with fuel poverty.

A 2018 government report found nearly one in every 10 households in the UK are experiencing fuel poverty.

Any household that needs to spend 10 per cent of its entire income on fuel to keep the occupants warm and healthy counts as living in fuel poverty. The definition also takes into account the costs of hot water, lighting, and appliances.

Around 21C in a living room and 18C in other occupied rooms is said to be a healthy temperature.

The cash will be used to fund the installation of gas central heating systems for those currently using electric or gas fires and the scheme will fund a free gas connection to the homes that are enrolled.

Loft and cavity wall insulation measures are also being funded to improve a household’s efficiency and free home energy checks, advice on how to stay warm and save money will also be provided.

Cllr Louise Mitchell, cabinet member for housing, said: “When people have a safe, decent roof over their head and warm house in which to live, they have the confidence and support they need to succeed and make the most of their life chances.

“We are determined to work to help those who may be struggling in the face of ever-rising fuel bills. It is a tragedy that in modern-day Britain, people are having to choose between heating and eating.”

Those receiving certain benefits or who meet the low income threshold will be eligible for the project.

Homeowners can apply and so can social or private rental tenants, with agreement from their landlord.

Tom Ruxton, from the HEET Project, said: “A free gas connection and installation of an efficient gas central heating system can halve a household’s heating bill. Adequate warmth is essential to good health and can also help to reduce problems of condensation and mould growth in your home.”

If you think you may benefit from advice, or qualify for support installing a new gas heating system, contact The HEET Project on 020 8520 1900 for more information and to register your interest.