A landlord has warned that a new tax on pubs and restaurants opening late into the night could result in earlier closing times and loss of service.

Redbridge Council has proposed a late night levy on pubs and restaurants selling alcohol between the hours of 12am and 6am.

The tax – to pay for policing and clean-up costs – could cost businesses up to £4,500 per year and is expected to raise up to £115,000 in its first year.

A manager at O’Neills pub in Ilford is worried the new tax could affect the business.

He said: “I’ve just been informed about this today. It is ridiculous that they’re putting that on people in the area, now Ilford has changed.

“We are less busy than we were and the council are the ones who brought in the late night licences in the first place and now we’re going to have pay for it.

“I need to speak to my bosses, but if we have to close early to avoid the levy, which is not yet decided, then we’re going to lose the service.”

The council said the funds raised would used to fund late night policing and clean-up efforts due to late-night supply of alcohol.

A council spokesman said: “If a late night levy is introduced, Redbridge Council will be working with the police to find the best ways to spend the revenue raised.”

Local authorities have the option to exclude certain types of premises from the new tax, as evidence suggests most anti-social behaviour is street-based rather than linked to particular kinds of late night drinking premises.

But Redbridge Council does not plan to offer any exemptions or reductions under specific circumstances, as it believes “all premises will benefit from the

services provided”.

To have your say on the proposals, click here to fill in the questionnaire and send it back to Redbridge Council by June 24 2019.

On completion, email the form to licensing.authority@redbridge.gov.uk or send it to Senior Licensing Authority Officer, Consumer Protection and Licensing, London Borough of Redbridge, 10th Floor, Lynton House, 255-259 High Road, Ilford. IG1 1NY.