An 11-year-old girl demanded the council “must do better” before “an entire generation of children turns its back on Redbridge Labour”.

Young Victoria stood up in a room full of adults and councillors at a Redbridge Council meeting, blowing them away and leaving council leader Cllr Jas Athwal “speechless”.

The secondary school pupil gave the speech at a community forum event in response to the council’s proposals to build 90 new affordable homes on Brocket Way and Woodman Path in Hainault.

The plans to pave over a green space treasured by the community have sparked a great deal of anger.

Victoria addressed Cllr Athwal directly and said: “I would like to speak on behalf of the young people of Hainault who are feeling very undervalued by your council.

“The children of Clayhall, and rightly so, have had their playparks upgraded and yet you see fit to take ours away.

“It is absolutely outrageous that you have provided the adults of Clayhall with their own playpark but you think it’s acceptable for our children to lose ours.

“Why do you think the children of Hainault are less important than the children and adults of the surrounding areas?”

Victoria was referring to an outdoor gym for adults which was installed in October last year.

“I should not have to stand here today and explain this to a group of people who are supposed to make important decisions for the community,” she continued.

“As an 11-year-old I understand the importance of green space.

“It seems that you really do not understand the impact of your plans. I and the children of Hainault are feeling very let down by the very people who are supposed to be concerned for our welfare.

“We need to work together to find a solution that we are all going to be happy with before an entire generation of children in Hainault turn against your party. Is this going to be your legacy?

“This backward plan of yours is no way to treat human beings. In this day and age and in a civilised society we need to do better than this, you need to do better this.

“Get on with the job of building real homes on appropriate land. We need our green space.”

The audience burst into sustained applause and cheered when Victoria finished speaking, leaving Cllr Athwal visibly shocked.

He said: “There are not many things that leave me speechless, but I’m going to have to reflect on what you’ve said young lady. Thank you for a fantastic speech.”

A week later at a cabinet meeting on Tuesday night, Cllr Athwal was asked if he had reflected on Victoria’s speech.

He said: “The short answer is no. Officers are looking at the suggestions of alternative sites that were made to me at the meeting and some of those have already been discarded as they are designated green belt.

“This is something I take seriously and these things need time. I couldn’t possibly comment now.

“We are looking for alternative sites to build on, and the message was loud and clear from Hainault residents that night, so if I can’t find alternative space, I will come and tell Hainault residents that myself.”