The arrival of the Harlow Guardian has been welcomed by one woman whose eye condition stops her reading the news online.

This morning the first ever edition of the new paper was given out free in the Harvey Centre along with discount coupons offering 50p when the full paid title goes live on February 28.

Among the people picking up a copy was Glad Judd, a long-term Harlow resident and reader of local newpapers.

The 72-year-old said: "I am absolutely happy the town has a new paper.

"Years ago there used to be two free papers but then they got taken away.

"I have an eye condition so I can't read the news online. I wasn't bought up in a computer age, but this is great because I will be able to read the news again.

"A local paper is important. Without it you'll get more of those people knocking on your door trying to sell you dodgy double glazing."

For the last Thursday of February and the whole of March the Harlow Guardian will be sold for 20p to all those who pick up a coupon pamphlet today and next Thursday.

Come April it will be sold for 70p in all good newsagents and supermarkets.

Its introduction to the town follows the departure of Reach Plc title the Harlow Star, which stopped printing in January.

Another quick adopter of the Guardian was Mrs Murphy.

She said: "I started reading the Harlow Star when it started, whenever that was.

"I've been in the town for more than 50 years. We used to have two free papers and then we had none. The town needs a paper."