A scheme that will see 30 public defibrillators dotted throughout the borough launched yesterday.

The initiative aims to save the lives of some of the 1,000 people who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest in London every year.

Redbridge Council has joined forces with the London Hearts campaign to install the equipment in communities, making the project one of the largest undertaken by a London local authority.

The machines are set up with easy to follow instructions in accessible locations so help can quickly be given to those who collapse from severe heart issues.

They will be kept in their distinctive, easy to find yellow cabinets.

Cllr Kam Rai, deputy leader and cabinet member for finance, said: “As councillors we stood to make a real difference and to benefit our communities.

“This project is something I have held dear and I am really proud councillors and officers have helped deliver it.

“We are committed to improving lives so I am absolutely delighted that we are rolling out these vital defibrillators so that the local communities we serve will be able to benefit from their use.

“In an emergency, a defibrillator can be the difference between life and death, which is why we are ensuring that this essential equipment is installed in high-traffic areas where anyone can reach them and provide the crucial response in a life-threatening situation.

“It does not end here, and we are continuing to provide initiatives to provide health and well-being advice and facilities across the borough to improve the heart health of our residents.”

A person’s chance of surviving a cardiac arrest increases from six per cent to over 70 per cent if they are treated with a defibrillator and effective CPR within the first five minutes of an attack.

The council launched a public awareness campaign today with London Hearts to promote the location of the defibrillators and the training opportunities available locally.

Kimberley Lloyd, operations manager for London Hearts said: “As a result of their partnership with London Hearts, Redbridge Council have demonstrated their pioneering commitment to heart health within their community.”