Pupils from ten schools from across the borough came together to demonstrate their moves in a dance festival.

The Waltham Forest Primary Schools Dance Festival was held at Hillyfield Primary Academy, in Higham Hill Road, Walthamstow, for the first time since 2014.

Just before Christmas, older year groups from each school were given the task to choreograph and teach a themed dance routine to their younger peers.

Rachel West, dance specialist at Hillyfield, said: “Older pupils have been running their own clubs, leading the classes, doing the warm-ups and routines.

“The dances had to be about culture, with some choosing music or moves from around the world.

“I was really excited to see what the children came up with.”

Whitehall, Chingford C of E, Chase Lane, Woodside, St Josephs, Greenleaf, Henry Maynard, George Tomlinson, Hillyfield Park and Newport all took part in the event.

Kirsty Efreme, PE co-ordinator at Chingford C of E School, took eleven Year 3 and 4 pupils along to perform at the festival.

She said: “Two Year 4 pupils have arranged our routine and taught the younger ones the dance, as well as sorting the costumes and make-up. They have been working on it for about seven weeks. It has been really good.

“The children have got a real sense of pride that they have put together a whole routine by themselves. Our teachers have been in awe watching them put it together.

“That sense of socialising and coming out and doing something different is great and is a real boost to their confidence.”

Roger Ascham Primary School put forward 29 Year 3 to 6 pupils for the show, including five pupil choreographers.

Dance teacher Jamie Scott said: “I thought they did so good! I am so proud of what they have done. They have rehearsed for weeks, even when I have not been there; they have been practising during their playtimes.

“I learnt a lot from all of the other schools. It’s amazing to get inspiration from them in this way. The pupils gained experience as many had never performed before. They already want to do it again!”

The festival is one of many events put on in the borough by the Waltham Forest Schools Sport Network.

Shona Gordon, school games organiser, said: “We have worked with Rachel West and Hillyfield Primary to put this event back on again. The last time we did this was 2014, but after talking to Rachel we decided to host it once again.

“Part of our aim is to get all children in Key Stage 1 and 2 to have experienced one of our events throughout the year. We have our sports players and sport leaders, but we also have our dancers. We put on a whole diverse set of events.

“This has been a fantastic afternoon of dance.”