A clothing firm is launching an anti-slash Kevlar-lined clothing line to protect teenagers from Britain's Wild West knife crime epidemic.

One man has decided to help protect teenagers and allay parent's concerns by creating a special line for teenagers to help defend them against the horrifying knife crime that is gripping the nation.

Dean Dawe, 36, from Woodford, launched his business, Titan Depot, last April selling outdoor survival and hiking equipment including Kevlar-lined clothing.

However, after Mr Dawe's 15-year-old stepson Darren was robbed at knifepoint on two separate occasions within a couple of months, he decided to give him a slash-proof hoody for protection.

He said: "It was terrifying when my stepson was robbed - the second time, the thief actually held a knife to his throat.

"I needed to do something because he, my girlfriend and I had really bad anxiety after it happened and I wanted to make him and us feel safer and better.

"Every time he left the house, our stomachs churned thinking that he might be the next poor victim of a brutal knife attack.

"We thought that the best we could do would be to put him in something that would protect him. I did not want to put him in a bulletproof vest because it might actually encourage more attacks as some idiot somewhere would definitely try to put it to the test.

"But our clothing looks like normal everyday items that teenagers wear, so it does not attract any unwanted attention, but it will still protect against knife cuts and slashes."

The idea that these items might in fact inspire attacks against teenagers is potential backlash he has considered.

However, he argued that prevention is an easier fix for the current state of affairs than a cure.

He said: "It is about having a level of insurance that you hope that you never have to use.

"It is the same with car insurance. You do not want to need to use it but it is always good to protect yourself in advance of an incident."

The range for teenagers, from aged 13 upwards, will be launching in the next two weeks with costs ranging from £80 for hoodies to £140 for thicker coats.

There has been a number of stabbings across London in the past few months.

The latest knife attacks have included 26-year-old David Martinez-Valencia killed in Leyton on March 6, 17-year-old Jodie Chesney stabbed to death in Harold Hill on March 2 and 20-year-old Ché Morrison, 20 attacked on Cranbrook Road, outside Ilford station, on February 26.

Mr Dawe has said that he believes with the knife crime epidemic that has hit the country, providing protective clothing is the best way he can personally help others.

He said: "The sheer number of stabbings that have been committed recently is appalling.

"Society seems to be crumbling from the ground upwards.

"As a parent all I can do is try to protect my own son and try to help others protect their children as best that I and they can.

"This is the best way in which I think I can help the community. My plan and initiative is to help protect our children which is just my way of trying to play my part in our society."