Residents have rallied support against an "offensive and upsetting Islamophobic message" in the community one week on from a terrorist attack that killed 50 people.

The offensive sign pictured on a street in Walthamstow was uploaded to a community group of Facebook where many users showed their support.

The sign, which reads "Muslim c**ts" attracted more than 180 comments, including Walthamstow Member of Parliament Stella Creasy.

The post uploaded to the Walthamstow Residents group page on Thursday (March 21) said: "I am a resident of Walthamstow, London. Today, whilst walking down a Walthamstow street when I came across what can only be described as offensive and upsetting Islamophobic message.

"Please see the attached photo taken which speaks for itself. This was written on a front garden wall on Granville Road by a bigot who needs educating.

"We are a very close community in Walthamstow from all faiths.

"I was shocked to have seen this as we cannot and will not tolerate such racism and offence in our community.

"This is the work of some low life scum who is a coward.

"This is of course as a result of the terrorist attack in New Zealand.

"Action needs to be taken against these people so that this is not repeated."

Messages of support on Facebook said: "This is awful.

"I would like to show my support to our Muslim brothers and sisters locally one week after the Christchurch massacre, as I'm sure many others would too."

And another wrote: "You must inform the Police and the Council Anti-Graffiti Department. This does not represent Walthamstow."

Others showed outrage for the perpetrator.

One user wrote: "I'm truly disgusted. What a nasty thing to do. Im with all my Muslim brothers and sisters."

Another wrote: "Horrific. E17 is home to all faiths, and the silent, tolerant majority need to speak up in support. It’s the racists that are unwelcome here."

Stella Creasy commented on the post: "Hello everyone - to be clear this is hate crime.

"It has been reported and the police and the council are moving into action.

"Please can you remove the address of this property so that this work can take place as quickly as possible, and I promise you I will make it my personal priority today to get this sorted.

"Sadly I fear there are those who wish to actively promote hatred and bigotry in society as part of their efforts to disrupt our community and turn people against each other.

"We know that is not the Walthamstow way and so we must stand together and not let anyone attack people for their faith, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality.

"Walthamstow means welcome- and we must be a place of welcome to all who share those values of tolerance and diversity."