A man has been found guilty of criminal damage for keying his neighbour’s car – but residents are blaming the council.

Those living on Manor Road, Walthamstow were dismayed when a number of cars were keyed along their street at the start of this year.

The culprit of one such keying was caught on CCTV and subsequently found guilty of one offence of criminal damage.

Mahmut Altun, 50 of Manor Road, pleaded guilty at the hearing at Thames Magistrates Court on Friday, March 22, and was fined £1,400 to give in compensation to his neighbour.

However, neighbours believe the actions he took may have been an extreme reaction to the frustration neighbours are feeling towards Waltham Forest Council.

They claim the authority’s introduction of Charged Parking Zones (CPZ) in nearby streets has pushed more cars on to their road, leaving no parking spaces for those who live there.

They believe it is the lack of parking spaces that has caused tensions to rise and tempers to fray.

The council introduced a CPZ, known as the Higham Hill CPZ, to part of Manor Road but not all of it.

Neighbours are now arguing the uncontrolled end of the road is becoming congested with non-residents parking outside their homes.

A resident of Manor Road, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “This congested parking problem in the uncontrolled part of Manor Road never existed until the ill-conceived introduction of the CPZ to the western end.

“How could the council ever think introducing a CPZ to one small stretch of one road was not going to create a problem further down that same road?

“I absolutely blame the council for wrongly introducing a CPZ on the top part of our road only which was idiotic and bound to create congestion in the remaining part outside the CPZ.

“I told them that before they went ahead, and the parking stress created by it is I am sure what led to the spate of car keying.”

The neighbour plans to launch a formal complaint about the council’s handling of the introduction of the Higham Hill CPZ with the local authority ombudsman, which they believe was “maladministration”.

They believe the manner in which the council conducted its consultation on the Higham Hill CPZ was mishandled, leaving parts of the same road out of the process entirely.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, deputy council leader and cabinet member for the environment, said: “Being unable to park your car near to your home is no excuse for criminal behaviour.

“Controlled Parking Zones prioritise parking for local residents and are considered following requests from residents to tackle local parking issues. When introducing a CPZ we consult with residents and proceed with zones where the majority of residents support the proposals.

“The actions of this individual should only reflect on himself and not the actions of the council who endeavour to work with residents to alleviate parking pressures.”