Easter came early to a residential care home after a brood of spring chicks and pygmy goats came to visit.

Resident and staff at Bupa Harts House care home in Harts Grove, Woodford, were excited to receive a visit from a brood of chicks and pygmy goats.

The special visit was arranged with mobile farm Blackwater Alpacas and Pygmy Goats.

It provided residents and staff with a chance to engage in an afternoon of petting, set up as part of the home's extensive daily activity programme.

Pet therapy is used throughout Bupa care homes to spread joy amongst the home's residents.

It was noted that one resident who who had been particularly down and unable to express himself recently, slowly but surely began expressing his happiness after cuddling and petting the four-legged visitors.

Home manager at Harts House Vikki Richardson said: "This has been a fantastic experience. The residents have loved interacting with the little chicks and pygmy goats; we plan to have lots more furry visitors over the coming months."