Richard Newcombe writes from the only part of the UK where voters do not want us to just leave, as instructed by them in the referendum. That was as long ago as 2016 and the 17.4 million people who chose Leave is not in any doubt. He calls for another referendum, but as Parliament refuses to implement the last one why would anyone trust it a second time around unless, of course, against the odds, the vote went the other way! Best of three?

Mr Newcombe’s claim of a million people marching is in doubt and most commentators suggest it was a fraction of that number. But it really does not matter as the democratic method is one person, one vote in secret ballot after an election campaign when the issues are aired. We do not make choices because the side that lost make a lot of noise and marches through London, at least we used not to do so.

By making changes to its procedures and therefore to our constitution on the vote of a criminal Labour MP (on early release from prison and on curfew) our Parliament is abusing the voters’ trust and should instead get on and do what we decided.

Andrew Smith

Hemnall Street, Epping