A man who was so frustrated with the lack of police on the streets and rising violent crime levels that he smoked a spliff outside a police station is organising a second protest.

Courtney Barrett posted a photograph of himself casually puffing away outside the Metropolitan Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team station at Walthamstow Market on March 30.

He was shocked by the rise in crime levels and lack of police officers on the street that he decided to post the protest picture.

He wrote on Facebook after his trip to the office on Walthamstow High Street: "Where are the police nowadays?

"I went down Walthamstow Market yesterday and didn't see 1 police officer all day even though the market was pretty packed.

"Anyone can commit crime and just walk off coz there aren't any police....and I find it very worrying, as well as being a liberty, coz we all pay our council tax to pay for these non existent police.

"So to prove my point I stood outside their building and smoked a fat spliff......but still no police to be seen anywhere.

"So with everything that's been going on lately, stabbings, mass brawls, and whatever other crimes have been committed, the police obviously couldn't give a shit! Coz surely there should be some kind of police presence in the market and surrounding streets."

The police office used to be a station where locals could report crimes, but the front counter was closed to the public in 2017.

Now, the unique campaigner is asking for others to join him for a demonstration on Saturday.

He posted the event on the Leytonstone Life Facebook Group page.

It said: "Come and join me on my next demonstration.

"As you all probably know I was in all the papers last week highlighting the lack of police on our streets, which is extremely alarming, especially during the current epidemic of violent knife crime and murders.

"Well I now have something similar planned so if you are interested in joining me then please get in touch as soon as possible.

"You will not be required to do anything illegal by the way, but ur presence is welcomed as the more people the better.

"So drop me an inbox if u wish to join me and let's make a stand whilst the whole country is watching, and get our police back on our streets."

The specific details of the demonstration have yet to be revealed, but the event will take place on Saturday, April 13, at 3pm and will attended by charity Anti Knife UK.

For more information about the event, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/2307745056139123.