Almost 4 in 10 jobs in Waltham Forest are low paid, according to new figures.

Research from New Policy Institute and Trust for London has shown that 38 per cent of jobs based in Waltham Forest are low paid which is the third highest rate across the capital.

It also found 29 per cent of employees in the borough are on low pay.

Also the figures showed almost 3 in 10 workers (29 per cent) who live in Waltham Forest are low-paid, which is higher than the London average of 23 per cent, meaning the boroug has the fifth highest proportion of low-paid residents out of London’s 32 boroughs.

Low pay across the capital has been shown to be at an all-time high.

During 2018, the proportion of jobs based in London that were low paid was 20 per cent, equating to around 820,000 - representing a one percentage point increase from 2017.

Commenting on the data director of policy at Trust for London Manny Hothi said: "We all want to live in a society where people have enough to get by and are not swept along by the currents of poverty. Unfortunately, Waltham Forest has the third highest percentage of low-paid workers in London – the wages for almost 30% of workers simply aren’t enough for them to make ends meet.

"We need to reduce the costs of housing, childcare and transport, whilst also increasing incomes. Co-ordinated action from local businesses, councils and the GLA is needed to ensure that more employers in Brent, and across London, are paying workers at least the real Living Wage. This will make a real difference.

"Those organisations that want to pay their employees a fair wage but need help to get there, can get advice and support from the Living Wage Foundation and the Better Work Network."

In 2018, 23 per cent of London employees who live in London were low paid which is a two-percentage point increase on 2017.

The proportion of Londoners who are low paid has now increased back to the levels seen before the introduction of the government’s National Living Wage in 2016.

The number of Londoners paid below the London Living Wage was 760,000 in 2018, an increase of 60,000 from 2017 and the highest number of low-paid employees recorded.