An Easter ‘eggs’travaganza event proved to be a major boost at a children’s hospice charity.

Children celebrated Easter with egg hunts and Easter-themed crafts at a Haven House Children's Hospice last Wednesday, April 10.

The activity day held at Woodford Green hospice which cares for seriously ill babies and children, invited the children and their siblings to make baskets before heading out for an Easter themed trail.

Director of care at Haven House Eileen White said: "A wonderful time was had by all. It was so lovely to see the children smiling and really enjoying themselves. We love being able to hold days like these to allow families a chance to spend special time together and make precious memories."

Every year, the hospice receives hundreds of donated chocolate egg, but unfortunately many children are unable to eat chocolate as they are not able to eat, drink or swallow whol food.

At Haven House the children can enjoy art, crafts, play, music, story-telling and time in the gardens. However, many are unable to enjoy eating chocolate at Easter.

The director of care added: "Many of our children are tube fed with prescription feeds to aid digestion and are fed directly by tube into the stomach. Unfortunately, this means that they are unable to enjoy a chocolate Easter egg in the same way as a well child or young person can.

"We would never turn away a kind donation from our supporters, but if you would like to help our hospice this Easter, please consider donating a toy or piece of equipment via our wish list, which would have more longevity and bring much joy to our children throughout the year."

For more information about the hospice’s Easter Wish List, visit