The family of 14-year-old stabbing victim have set up a foundation in his name to prevent knife crime.

Leon Green, 35, from Chingford is the cousin of Jaden Moodie, 14, who was killed on January 8.

The Jaden Moodie Foundation was set up to keep his memory alive and work towards preventing knife crime in Waltham Forest.

It aims to support children and young adults who have been socially excluded due to education or their environment and provide them with opportunities and activities to help keep them off the streets.

It also hopes to help with parental care and work alongside schools in the borough to help achieve a more vibrant and safer community.

The foundation is currently awaiting their charity number certification, but have lots of fundraising events planned in the meantime to raise funds for the cause.

Mr Green said: "We want children to start enjoying themselves again by introducing positive after school clubs and schools that can reintroduce that fun element through sports activities and hopefully use that to prevent knife crimes.

"We have chosen to focus on sport because of Jaden's love of boxing and also my own love of sport, especially football.

"Sport can be a really great influence because it introduces new role models, it teaches discipine and respect and helps nurture confidence, wellbeing and fitness as well as stimulating the mind and helping with mental health.

"I do not want to presume that this is the ultimate answer and will mean that knife crimes will simply just stop, I am not saying that - but I think if children are active and enjoying themselves, then we can gain their trust and hopefully implement safeguarding measures, educate and prevent knife crimes.

"We do not need to sit all these children down, put up a flip chart and bore them to death with a presentation about the dangers of knife crime.

"Instead we want to create a positive narrative where they can learn about new pathways to getting what they want out of life and sports icons such as Anthony Joshua can be amazing inspirations for children in that way.

The project will be initially based in Waltham Forest, but aims to expand its remit in the future.

The 35-year-old is working with schools and the local authority to address children aged four to 16, with careers counselling and further education sessions for teenagers aged 16 to 18.

After-school activities can prove to be costly for parents, the Jaden Moodie Foundation aims to provide this free of charge to enable all children to get involved, rather than be excluded based on what parents can afford to pay.

Recently, the foundation hosted a boxing tournament at Putney Boxing Club to raise money for its cause and is looking to organise a football tournament in the future.

It is also planning a number of events on June 16 in honour of the 14-year-old's birthday.

Detectives from the Met Police have arrested and charged Ayoub Majdouline, 18, with the murder of Jaden Moodie.

He has been remanded in custody and a provisional trial date for July 8 has been set.

Mr Green said: "We cannot fault the police, they have kept us updated and met with us when we wanted to meet.

"Jaden was only 14 years old and we would feel sick if there were no progress with the investigation.

"Knife crimes have become almost like a trend for young people at the moment - it is a war zone and people feel as if they need to tool up to protect themselves.

"But that has created a horrible situation where adults are now afraid of children.

"If we can try to implement sports and activities for children to get involved with, it will mean they are less likely to be on the streets and get caught up with this criminal activities."

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