A fly-tipper who was caught dumping waste has been fined more than £1,200.

Robert Januszkiewicz, 38, of High Street, Wanstead, was handed a £600 fine, £420 in court costs, £42 clean up charge and a £60 victim surcharge at Barkingside Magistrates’ Court for dumping household waste.

Januszkiewicz was caught on CCTV illegally disposing of the waste at a recycling centre in Woodbine Place, a known fly-tipping hotspot.

Januszkiewicz pleaded guilty to the illegal disposal of waste on April 12 after failing to pay a fixed penalty notice for the same offence.

Barry Francis, the council’s operational director for civic pride, said: “It’s a legal duty that anyone who produces waste gets rid of it legitimately. Dumping it on the street for the council to clear it away isn’t on.

“We have a zero-tolerance approach to this criminal behaviour and this successful conviction once again sends out a clear message that we will not let up when it comes to catching those responsible.”

Footage of people dumping on the streets of Redbridge has been posted on a crime ‘Wall of Shame’ page on the council’s website so Redbridge residents can help catch offenders.

The images will be posted regularly to help find, name and shame fly-tippers.

Cllr Jas Athwal, council leader, said: “Fly tipping is a criminal offence. People who dump rubbish not only damage our environment and degrade our streets they also break the law and they will be caught and penalised.

“Redbridge is our home and our streets belong to all of us. No one has the right to dump their old mattresses or household waste just because they can’t be bothered to organise a free bulky waste collection.

“It is infuriating that anyone could think it is acceptable behaviour and I am so pleased we have caught and fined another criminal for dirtying our streets.

“I hope this sends a message loud and clear to others considering dumping rubbish – we will find you and we will fine you.

“Take the time to do the right thing, organise a free bulky waste collection with the council.”