Students cleared oil and rubbish from a canal to help protect swans.

For the pas two years, Waltham Forest College has helped with a clean up and improvement project at Waterside Centre, Stonebridge lock.

The focus of the project is to clear oil and debris from the channel so new weed beds can be created to protect swans from pollution and improve the area for the local community.

Sports student Isaac Sid-Lopez said: “Our college teaches us about community engagement activities and this project not only allowed me to offer something back to my community, it got me thinking about other projects I can get involved in.”

Lecturer Jarl Allard said: “It was a joy to support my students partake in this local community project, the 175-metre-long floating weed bed will not only create a refuge for the wildlife but it will ultimately save the wildlife from being permanently extinct.”

The project was funded by The Greener City Fund, The Environment Agency and The Canary Trust totalling £50,000.

Former student Terri Stacy White also helped out. She said: “It’s such a good experience; even though I am no longer a student at the college, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to help save the wildlife.”