Air pollution in Redbridge exceeded legal limits four times over the bank holiday weekend.

The readings, completed by the Redbridge Cycling Campaign group at Fullwell Cross Library between May 3 and May 6, have prompted calls for the Ultra Low Emission Zone to be extended.

The Mayor of London’s zone, in which high-emitting vehicles will have to pay a fee in an attempt to drive highly polluting vehicles off the road, will extend to the A406 North Circular Road in 2021.

Much of Redbridge will therefore lie outside the ULEZ, but campaigners want that to change.

A spokesperson for the campaign group said: “Our volunteers took readings outside Fullwell Cross Library in advance of a public meeting that we are holding to discuss measures the council can take to encourage more cycling and walking in the borough.”

The Government’s air quality objectives state levels of nitrogen dioxide pollution (NOx) must not exceed 40 micrograms per cubic metre of air.

But the full readings from the bank holiday weekend at Fullwell Cross Library in Ilford North show readings of more than double that limit:

May 3 2019, 5.15pm: 90.525 μg/m3

May 4 2019, 8.05am: 80.236 μg/m3

May 5 2019, 11.00am: 85.795 μg/m3

May 6 2019, 19.00pm: 89.483 μg/m3.

This emissions breach comes despite Sadiq Khan’s efforts to curb emissions in the area; including introducing cleaner buses through Redbridge.

Clean air plans put forward by government ministers have already been declared illegal twice at the High Court for failing to cut air pollution in the shortest time possible, as EU law requires.

Campaigner Kris Sangani said: “Redbridge, in this case in Fullwell and Fairlop, is still breathing filthy air, but the council and mayor can’t solve this problem alone.

“The Government has to get a grip and show they’re serious about protecting our health by committing to real action to tackle our toxic air.”

Sadiq Khan awarded Redbridge Council more than £3 million earlier this year to transform access to Ilford town centre and tackle the air pollution hotspot.

The council is set to create segregated cycle lanes and bridges for pedestrians and cyclists over the River Roding and Aldersbrook using the funding.

Improved access to open space along the river Roding valley and cycle links to Wanstead, Stratford, Barking and Essex are also set to be brought in.

Redbridge Cycle Campaign is holding public meetings. The next will be held at Fullwell Cross Library at 7.30pm on Monday May 13.

The full results of the readings will be presented at the meeting and residents will have an opportunity to discuss measures to encourage more active travel.

Cllr John Howard, cabinet member for civic pride, explained the council is introducing more electric car charging points this year and has already introduced “clean air zones” around the borough’s schools.

He said: “These air pollution readings are worrying for all of us in the borough. It proves that we need tough action to clean up our air quality in Redbridge.

“This is why we are consulting on a new air quality strategy and creating our own Low Emission Neighbourhoods. Our commitment to reduce pollution includes working with TfL to improve Ilford Hill and finish Quietway 6 to making walking and cycling easier for all our residents.

“We were one of the first London boroughs to install a public rapid charge point and in anticipation of the ULEZ expanding to Redbridge in October 2021, we are looking to expand the initiative across the borough, as well as charge points for commercial vehicles.”