The European Parliament Elections on the May 23 have had a short build up. Not only that but we are not sure how long the successful candidates will be in post. Is it still worth voting? Do I need to make my choice carefully?

Negotiations between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are trying to reach a compromise on her Withdrawal Agreement and his ‘red line’ of some form of customs union. We are told that it is not going well. And even if it ends with a patch up will the MP’s in Westminster give it their support? Since they are all divided on what they want it is very unlikely. If the two cannot reach a deal then we are no further forward.

Now we the people know more than in 2016 about what the EU does and what would be the consequences of leaving.

Now opinion polls show that the majority in 2019, the new ‘Will of the People’ want to Remain in the EU.

The only way forward is to put it to the people. If after another referendum, A People's Vote, we stay in Europe then these elected MEP’s could be in Brussels for five years.

So make sure you vote and choose individuals who will stand up for London and the UK in the European Parliament.

Richard Newcombe

Chair of Waltham Forest European Movement and London4Europe