The building of 600 new affordable homes across Redbridge has been approved.

In a cabinet meeting, Redbridge Council gave the go-ahead to plans for 600 out of the target 1,000 new affordable homes over the next two years.

Now, following £20 million funding from the Mayor of London, the use of right to buy receipts and borrowing, 600 affordable homes have been approved by cabinet before 2022.

As part of that 600 total, 167 new homes have been proposed over 16 sites, with the majority due to appear in Barkingside, Clayhall and Newbury with 30 new homes each in the next phase of building.

The proposed locations, number of homes on site and the timescale for when the homes will be complete are as follows:

Little Gearies, Barkingside: 30 (TBC)

Heathcoate, Clayhall: 30 (TBC)

Suffolk Court, Newbury: 30 (TBC)

Budoch Court, Mayfield: 20 (TBC)

Norman Road, Loxford: 6 (TBC)

Avenue Court, Clayhall: 6 (TBC)

Torrington Road South, Woodford: 7 (TBC)

Latchington Gardens, Bridge: 4 (TBC)

Wallers, Bridge: 4 (TBC)

Shakespeare Square, Fairlop: 10 (TBC)

Latchington Gardens, Bridge: 6 (TBC)

Burrow Road, Hainault: 4 (Apr 2021)

Orchard Estate, Churchfields: 4 (Apr 2020)

Beehive Court, Cranbrook: 2 (Dec 2020)

Glade Court, Fullwell: 2 (Dec 2020)

Heathcote Court, Fullwell: 2 (Dec 2020)

Once the sites have been approved by the council’s planning committee, a design for the homes will be drawn up and consultation with residents will begin.

Currently, only 10 per cent of the borough’s housing stock is social housing and house prices have risen by up to 53 per cent in the last decade.

The average house in the borough in December 2018 cost £430,492 and the cost to rent a property privately has also increased by 21 per cent in the last five years.

At the start of this financial year (April 2019), there were 2,400 households living in temporary accommodation in the borough, with 45 per cent of those being placed outside Redbridge.

There are also 5,400 households on the council house waiting list and the borough has the second smallest council housing stock out of all London boroughs.

The plans were given unanimous cabinet approval during the meeting.