People can meet an MEP candidate tomorrow in Ilford.

Former Labour East London MEP Carole Tongue is campaigning to be reelected as the MEP for the area, she was first MEP for the area in 1984.

MP for Ilford South Mike Gapes and Carole Tongue have a long history of campaigning together in Ilford and now they are back campaigning together for the new Change UK party and are pushing for a People’s Vote and to Remain in the European Union.

Both politicians will be speaking at a rally at the Gloucester Room in Redbridge Central Library in Clements Road, Ilford tomorrow evening (Thursday May 16) from 6.30pm to 8pm.

As Labour veterans, both politicians have long campaigned for the party, but have now both left it to join Change UK.

Mike Gapes has been MP for Ilford South for 27 years. Carole Tongue was MEP for London East from 1984 until 1999.

Ms Tongue said: “I am standing because, as an ardent European, I believe our EU membership is vital for the economic, security, social and cultural wellbeing of the country.

“I want to send out a message out that co-operation and friendship across borders in the EU is essential for tackling the urgent problems we face, be it climate change, regulating big tech and combatting terrorism.”