A college has pledged to promote its students' mental health.

May 13 to 19 is Mental Health Awareness week and Leyton Sixth form College has shown its support by signing up to a brand new national mental health and wellbeing charter.

The charter created by the Association of Colleges commits those who join to promoting equality of opportunity and challenging mental health stigma.

They should also provide appropriate mental health training for staff and targeted individual mental health support where appropriate.

Gill Burbridge, principal at Leyton Sixth Form College, said: “We believe that every member of our college community deserves to work, study and learn in an environment that promotes their physical and mental health and well-being. That is why I am proud to sign the Association of Colleges' Mental Health and Wellbeing Charter on behalf of Leyton Sixth Form College.”

Every year, 1 in 10 young people experience a mental health problem. One in five young people aged 16 to 24 experience a common mental illness such as anxiety or depression.

Add to these facts that 75 per cent of adults with a diagnosable mental health problem experience their first symptoms before the age of 24, which means that support at college is vital

Richard Caulfield, mental health lead at the Association of Colleges, said: “Mental Health Awareness Week is an opportunity to celebrate the brilliant things that go on and our charter gives colleges the chance to publicly state their commitment to the mental health agenda.”