A small block of luxury flats in Woodford Green is due to be knocked down, just five years after it was built.

The three-storey property at Mazarin House in Glengall Road, Woodford Green, with its unusual roof line and wooden cladding is a distinctive feature of the neighbourhood, but has been wrapped in scaffolding and plastic screening material for some months.

Redbridge Council has confirmed the building, which contains six two-bedroom flats, is due to be knocked down and has informed those living and working nearby.

A council spokesperson said: “The private owners have notified the council of their intention to demolish the building as they are required to do through building control.

“The council has, in accordance with statutory requirements, subsequently notified relevant parties including local residents to provide them with the opportunity to engage with the owners.”

One resident living nearby, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Is there a problem with the building? I can’t see how they’d need to knock this down after just five years.

“You don’t go around knocking down five-year-old buildings for nothing. My guess is there was a problem, they did their investigations and found something structurally wrong with the place.

“The council will likely wash their hand of this as statutorily they only have to inform residents whether something’s going up or something’s coming down if it’s privately owned. They won’t get any more involved than that.”

Arboreal architects, based in Bethnal Green who were behind the design of the house, was contacted for comment.