Mr Newcombe (Will of the people 2019, Letters, 30 May) claims wrongly that the EU election showed that opinion has shifted towards staying in the EU.

In fact, the Brexit party topped the poll with 31 per cent of the votes and came first in every region of England (except London) and in Wales too.

In fact, more than 58 per cent of the votes were for pro-Brexit parties. Labour and Conservatives both stood on pro-Brexit programmes, as the Lib Dems were at pains to point out before the election, although, characteristically, they said different after the election, when claiming that the divided pro-EU camp won the election.

Mr Newcombe is confused when he writes, “Many have seen the damage that leaving the EU will cause.” He cannot see things that have not yet occurred, he is seeing things indeed, because he has a touching faith in the absurd forecasts made by the pro-EU Chancellor Hammond, whose other great forecast was that his austerity policies would be good for us. Mr Newcombe also believes in the dismal forecasts by the pro-EU CBI, which depends for its funds on the EU.

Mr Newcombe ends, as usual, by calling for a ‘People’s Vote’. Who does he think voted to leave in 2016? Non-people? Non-persons? Be careful what you wish for, Mr Newcombe, the EU elections showed that leave would win again, and with an even greater majority,

Will Podmore

Clavering Road, Wanstead