A popular game is opening to the public after previously being the domain of professional athletes only.

Guests can try out World Chase Tag at a pop-up at York Hall Leisure Centre in Bethnal Green on Wednesday, June 26, and Thursday, June 27.

This fast-paced game blends parkour and the playground game of ‘tag’ or ‘it’. It is played on a specially designed course that athletes duck, dodge and jump over to evade being caught by their speedy opponent.

The professional course is usually only tackled by expert parkour athletes but the new London event, organised by PRO 2GO, will be open for people of all abilities and levels, for the very first time.

Players have to use agility, stamina and brains as they attempt to avoid being caught in this exciting and high-octane sport where you can face-off against friends, pros or strangers, for the chance to win.

The rules are simple: each chase lasts a maximum of 20 seconds with the evader attempting to avoid the chaser throughout the entire period. The winning competitor in each chase stays on as the evader with the losing competitor being replaced by a teammate in a new round.

Parkour instructors will be on hand to give all competitors a full briefing prior to the match up to explain all rules of the game and some important tips for evading the chaser.

For more information about World Chase Tag head to www.worldchasetag.com

York Hall Leisure Centre, 5 Old Ford Road, E2 9PJ, Wednesday, June 26, and Thursday, June 27. Details: eventbrite.co.uk