Boris Johnson’s record as Mayor of London is a cause for concern if he becomes Prime Minister, according to current mayor Sadiq Khan.

The Mayor said Mr Johnson’s attempts to avoid media scrutiny would not work if he became the country’s next leader.

His comments came as the Conservative leadership contest entered its final stage yesterday (Thursday, June 20). Party members will now choose between two remaining candidates – Mr Johnson and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Johnson was the clear favourite among MPs through five rounds of voting, winning the support of 160 colleagues in the final round – more than half of the 312 votes cast.

But Mr Khan, speaking at Mayor’s Question Time yesterday, said the former Mayor’s conduct in London did not bode well for the country.

He said: “The evidence that I’ve seen from the track record of the favourite to be next Prime Minister concerns me.

“The idea that you can hide from your record by failing to give yourself scrutiny won’t wash once you become the Prime Minister, and his record will come out.”

The Mayor branded Mr Johnson’s pledge to cut tax for higher earners “nonsensical”, highlighting the prevalence of in-work poverty in London.

He said: “When you hear some of the promises made by the candidates running to be the next prime minister you think, ‘What are these guys on?’.

“With the revelations over the last two weeks, we can have a guess.”

He was referring to accusations of drug use which have dogged the Conservative leadership elections.

Mr Khan said any new Prime Minister must halt Brexit and hold a second referendum, branding a no-deal exit from the EU “dreadful for London and disastrous for the country”.

He said: “The first priority must be to put an end to the chaos and confusion of Brexit. That means revoking Article 50 and giving the British public the final say.

“This is the only way to protect jobs, growth and prosperity for the next generation.”

He added: “London needs a Prime Minister who understand the needs of our city and our country – and any Prime Minister who’s going to pursue no deal Brexit clearly doesn’t.”