Brett Ellis in his column does not amuse. His suggestions for the renewal of the Christian Church reveals his misunderstanding of the nature and worship of Christianity. This comes as no surprise. Anyone whose god is football and the players who act in the game “sub-intellectual” demonstrates the level of their intellect.

A useful exercise for Mr Ellis would be to find a copy of the Bible, read it, ponder and reflect on the ethical moral and intellectual level of its principles. He might specifically think about the Sermon on the mount given by Jesus of Nazareth, the central figure of all history whom he denigrates. Add the Ten Commandments and the possibility exists he might change his devotion to the god he worships to the God of the Bible.

The moral laws and principles of the Bible lie at the foundation of Western Society not least Great Britain. It is the failure of society to practice these principles in daily life which is deplorable

If parents, legislators, academics and particularly teachers upheld these moral principles the lives of individuals would be transformed. The pages of the Observer would have far less to report of knifings, theft, abuse, rapes, murders and drug dealers. Security of person and property would be safe and secure and life for all of us much better.

I note Mr Ellis is a teacher. It is a fine profession but it does not allow for its practitioners to write, speak, or teach and mock the principles which are vital for the well being of persons and society.

Patrick Boyle

By email