The recent death of Jill Stock is a big loss to our community.

Jill lived in Wanstead for many years, working as a district nurse then in a number of other community ventures.

She was active in the community all of her life, playing prominent roles in neighbourhood watch and ward panels, seeking to keep the community safe.

Many will recall her wise words of advice and consolation on the Wanstead Community Hub. Others will remember Jill from the farmers market, where she had a stall selling pictures of the area.

It was a terrible tragedy when she was taken from us so early.

Jill was a doer in the community, not an observer. One of the people who kept the vibrant community of Wanstead going.

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She was, for instance, a moving force behind many a street party.

Street parties are an excellent way to celebrate community. People coming together, sometimes meeting people in their road for the first time.

We have had a street party in my road for the past three years. All have been joyous occasions to meet and mingle. They also give a taste of what it is like when the street is taken back from the car - music, kids playing and many chats.

Our street party has always coincided with the Wanstead Festival weekend. This was another event where Jill Stock could always be found. This year she will be sadly missed. But going forward it would be a lasting memorial to Jill to continue to build community in Wanstead. That though can only happen with the doers like Jill coming forward to make it happen.

Condolences to all Jill's family and friends. Thank you for all Jill did for the Wanstead community. Let's now hope others follow the shining example of selfless giving that was Jill's life.