An anti-knife campaign that has been clamouring for support from the council had a show of solidarity from councillors this weekend.

Binning Knives Saves Lives, run by Courtney Barrett, is a self-funded initiative that educates young people and their families on the dangers of knives and moves an amnesty box around the borough to take blades off the streets.

In Chingford Mount, Mr Barrett had 10 knives handed into his bin last weekend and Labour and Conservative councillors spent time with him while he was out campaigning.

Conservative member Cllr Selina Seesunkur and Labour member Cllr Elizabeth Baptiste gave their support, as did prospective Labour MP for Chingford and Woodford Green, Faiza Shaheen.

Cllr Seesunkur said: “Sadly the knife crime epidemic is growing across the capital. Having previously written to the Mayor on this matter, it is clear he does not have a handle on the situation, especially with the media recently reporting 22 stabbings in one week alone.

“From my research, there is no one solution. However, I believe the initiative shown by residents like Courtney Barrett is a step in the right direction. Knife amnesties have been used in the past with great effect.

“Educating young adults and encouraging them to give up their weapons are both equally instrumental in tackling the knife epidemic. I was honoured to join Courtney Barrett and his team of volunteers on Saturday and I took courage in his enthusiasm because he is also a shining example of someone coming through the other side.”

Faiza Shaheen added: “Years of public spending cuts, including cuts to youth services and the police, have left our streets feeling unsafe. While the Government refuses to act and cares only about Brexit, our community cannot stand by.

“Courtney and his Binning Knives Save Lives initiative is part of a grassroots effort to stop violence on our streets. Courtney and his team have my full support and I’ll do what I can to promote this initiative and others that seek to keep us safe and support vulnerable young people.”

Cllr Elizabeth Baptiste was contacted for comment.