The NHS body in charge of Redbridge services has been brought out of financial special measures.

Financial special measures were imposed on NHS Barking and Dagenham, NHS Havering and NHS Redbridge clinical commissioning groups (BHR CCGs) in March 2017.

Now, these have now been lifted by the CCGs’ regulator NHS England/Improvement.

The three doctors that sit as the chairmen of the three CCGs welcomed the news.

In a joint statement, Dr Jagan John, Dr Atul Aggarwal and Dr Anil Mehta said: “We’re pleased that the sustained efforts of our staff, GPs and practice teams have resulted in us making significant improvements which NHS England/Improvement has now recognised. This result is testament to their commitment and hard work.

“This progress would not have been possible without the input and support of our local partners in health and social care across the three boroughs.

“Since March 2017 we’ve strengthened our financial governance, delivered a challenging programme of savings and agreed a financial recovery plan with our NHS provider colleagues which aims to bring the BHR system into financial balance and transform services for local people.”

The doctors added they knew there was much more to do to ensure their recovery plan.

Jane Milligan, accountable officer of the three CCGs, said: “This is excellent news and I’m really pleased for everyone involved as I know how hard they have all worked to make this happen.

“We are now in a much better position to focus on them and continue to build on the positive work we’ve achieved.

“I’d like to thank the CCGs’ managing director Ceri Jacob and her senior management team, our clinical chairs, our GP member colleagues across BHR and all of our CCG staff who have worked tirelessly in difficult circumstances to deliver this outcome.”