A debate on sex education and recent “homophobic” protests outside schools will not happen until September due to a postponed council meeting.

Cllr Emma Best, Conservative representative for Endlebury ward in Waltham Forest, believes discussing the issue is important in light of events recently seen in Birmingham, where teachers were verbally abused outside schools by some parents.

Speaking on behalf of the Conservative group, Cllr Best said: “We were dismayed by the apparently homophobic protests recently seen outside schools in Birmingham.

“The negative effect on some school staff in Birmingham is evident with many employees having received counselling as a result of the harassment seen at school gates.

“The council needs to stand strong alongside schools and not allow any similar behaviour at school gates in this borough in order that pupils and teachers should feel safe.”

To raise the Conservatives’ concerns, Cllr Best tabled a motion which called for the council to update its anti-harassment policy to better protect teachers and staff employed in the borough from harassment.

The motion was due to be discussed on Thursday July 18 in a scheduled full council meeting, but that meeting was postponed until September at short notice.

Cllr Emma Best, said: “I, like many others, was thrilled to see the government looking at how we can teach children about different families in modern Britain.

“I was taken aback at some of the deeply homophobic rhetoric emerging from the protests in Birmingham and have been disappointed to see links to petitions against SRE circulating in Walthamstow Facebook groups.

“This a really important motion and it makes me proud to have the support of our entire group. I hope we can send a clear message as council by gaining the support of the whole chamber in September.”

The councillor added the borough will not stand for protests like those seen in Birmingham and said she believes it is important for children to understand that “different make-ups of different family units" are "legitimate and accepted”.

She added: “We are disappointed that a meeting which encourages public engagement with local politics has been cancelled at such short notice and that we will not get to put this forward until September but we guarantee that Waltham Forest Conservatives will be pressing the council to deal with these matters urgently.”

A spokesman for Waltham Forest Council said: “The council meeting due to take place on Thursday July 18 has been postponed after consultation with both political groups until Thursday September 12 due to a lack of business.

“The meeting has not been cancelled. If there is a lack of business to discuss, it is more cost-effective for the public purse to wait until there is a full agenda of items.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused to members of the public who were due to speak at this meeting. They will be welcome to speak at the 12 September meeting.”