Pre-school children learnt about tolerance and diversity this month.

Youngsters from the Little Green Man Nursery in Leytonstone were educated about understanding different people and unique families.

Nursery proprietor Jan Bloomfield said: “We live in a wonderfully diverse world and it’s important for us to ensure that the children who we care for grow up with an understanding that families come in all shapes and sizes. Whether that’s one parent or two, grandparents, two mummies, two daddies or whichever combination may be relevant.

“As part of teaching them to understand the world around us, we strive to ensure that our education reflects both our nursery community along with the wider society. We’re really proud to be able to work with our parents, to create a safe space to discuss these themes.”

The children, who were aged three and four years, took part in discussions and watched videos on the subject. They also painted and drew rainbow flags and held a mini parade to celebrate diversity.

Little Green Man Nursery has taught more than 3,000 children since it opened in 1996.