A festival will celebrate a legendary East End film director as well as looking back to the golden age of swing.

Set to be held from Sunday to Sunday between September 1 and 8, the Leytonstone Festival will feature over 40 events in over 20 venues in just eight days.

Organised by The Leytonstone Festival Association, the festival dates back to the 1990s and aims to bring a full array of local talent, ranging from music and performance to children’s events, rock gigs talks and more.

Mike Rose, a representative of the festival, said: “There will be performances as diverse as events focusing on the life and times of that son of Leytonstone Alfred Hitchcock, musical performances from punk to classical to jazz to thrash metal, an Escape Room based on the London Blitz, a roaring big band playing the hits of Count Basie and Duke Ellington, a Victorian Musical Hall Sing-Along, a traditional East End drag cabaret and even a taste of a Cuban Carnival.”

The organisers urge the public to come along and support the event, which should have something for everyone. Anyone interested can find out more by visiting www.leytonstonefestival.org.uk or www.facebook.com/groups/leytonstonefestival.