A new domestic abuse support system will be launched next month.

Safe and Together is the latest scheme from Waltham Forest Council that aims to help victims and witnesses of violence at home and break the link between abuse and knife crime.

The council said it is aware it needs to tackle domestic violence to tackle street violence.

The authority’s findings from an investigation into local knife crime over the past year has shown domestic abuse in the family home is the most common feature in the experiences of all victims, suspects and perpetrators.

The new scheme aims to improve the way that children’s safeguarding systems respond to children affected by domestic abuse.

Domestic abuse victims will receive more support from the council and the authority will intervene with perpetrators to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children involved.

The council will use injunctions, other legal methods and behaviour change coaching against those committing domestic abuse to ensure children are kept safe.

The launch event for the scheme is due to take place on September 30 and the Hart brothers, who were subjected to coercive control and abuse from their father before he killed their mum and sister, will also be there.

The scheme’s model has had international success after being piloted in the USA.