Firefighters were called to a car fire which was found burning opposite a primary school in the middle of the night.

One crew were sent to Grange Road, Leyton, after the London Fire Brigade received 34 999 calls at around 1.40am.

A vehicle, totally destroyed, remained at the scene this morning.

The roof has completely come off, it's surrounded by numerous bits of rubble and just the shell of the car remains.

The car has been so badly burnt that it is difficult to work out what model of car it is.

A resident in nearby Goldsmith Road said: "I was woken up at around 1.30am by some noise outside. I looked out to see a lot of black smoke.

"The emergency services were there pretty quickly and the black smoke soon stopped. This morning I walked round and just saw the burnt out car."

The fire was safely extinguished by 2am.

The Met Police was not aware of the incident when approached this morning.